Meet Stacey

Instigator of Confidence, Curiosity, and Change

I’m a troublemaker. An instigator. I make no apologies for instigating confidence, curiosity, and change. I believe these skills are critical for strong leadership. The result for my clients? Authentic leadership combined with greater success. My style? Kindness…with boots.

My philosophy: In business and in life, people matter.

We are each born with, and develop, a unique array of skills and talents to bring to the table. Leadership is about owning these skills and talents, then using them to build better organizations and more fulfilling lives.

At CorAudacaeio, I put this philosophy into action by specializing in coaching, consulting, meeting facilitation, and speaking with a focus on leadership development, courage building, and powerful communication. I have 30+ years of experience, from leadership development, public relations, communications, association management, to the legislative/governmental affairs arena — all great training ground for what I do now.

What is it that I do exactly?

I combine my years of experience with empathy, intuition, and humor to assist clients. I provide the clarity, accountability, and direction needed to help them create greater self-awareness and confidence. I work with them to build the skill sets of courage, and successfully develop their leadership potential. I work with teams experiencing conflict to evoke transformation, enabling them to co-create a successful future together while recognizing the value each member brings. I help others feel heard by working with them to improve their communication skills, matching intent with impact.  Extremely approachable, I make learning fun.

Stacey is observant; she guided me to realization and understanding, which is the first step to acceptance and management. She listened and coached me as I discovered, learned, and practiced techniques to develop skills. I saw fast and lasting growth; it was the training I received from Stacey that prepared me for a recent promotion.

- Coaching Client

Stacey was an amazing teacher and really worked hard to make sure we understood the concepts & how to use them.

- Dare to Lead™ Training Participant