kôr aw dā’ shē ō

What’s in a name? A lot, actually.

Name one word that adequately describes the process of leading with heart, being willing to engage in daring or courageous actions, and the emotion of hard-earned discovery of your own skills and talents. Throw in a greater understanding of self and others. Drawing a blank? We did too, so we created our own:  CorAudacaeio.

Cor  – Latin for heart

Audaciae   – Latin for bold and courageous actions

O  – the sound of discovery, insight, and awe

Why is our name appropriate?

In today’s world, the leadership focus isn’t on heart and soul, what makes us unique, but on the formulaic approach and buzzwords required to be the leader someone else defines or dictates. Often, not a good fit.  Shouldn’t we instead identify and celebrate what each individual offers, collaborating and building as, together, we co-create the leader, the team, the organization we all want and need? We think so. It’s what we focus on.

We work with individuals, teams, and organizations custom-creating services – a blend of coaching, speaking, training, and facilitating – to best address their specific needs. We embrace our clients at their current level, leading the skill-building process needed for bold, courageous action. We celebrate what makes our clients distinctive, enabling them to lead with understanding and heart.

CorAudacaeio. Notice the last four letters – the vowels a, e, i, and o. What’s missing? YOU. Contact CorAudacaeio to start your journey of boldly leading with heart.